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Welcome Everyone…This is the new website for Earth Emissaries. Please follow us here as we travel to the People’s World Conference on Climate Change & the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia (April 19-22, 2010). We are traveling to Bolivia to witness and participate in an organized effort to gather indigenous, non-corporate, committed Earth citizens so that, together, we can envision and begin to enact a blueprint for a new world of sharing, not exploitation ~ one based on sustainability and harmony between humans, animals and nature.

At last year’s UN Conference on Climate Change that was held in Copenhagen, it was apparent that the conference was another effort by the wealthy nations to organize methods to maintain unsustainable economic and social policies disguised as progressive change. Bolivia’s President, Evo Morales, questioned how a world undergoing such profound economic, cultural, and environmental shifts could continue with the same “growth based” formula for advancement. He recognized that no one spoke of the Earth as a living entity with rights that must be honored. Therefore, President Morales has proposed the first of its kind global conference for the Rights of Earth in the midst of a profound, global quickening, and we will be there to share the story.

Earth Emissaries is using the power of web media to bring you into the conference to hear views, perspectives, and creative solutions from attendees and local community in Bolivia. You will also be able to share your thoughts and ideas with us through this website, as well as by joining us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/earthemissaries) and our Facebook group: Supporters of “Earth Emissaries” at Bolivia Conference.

We are requesting your support in this effort to document and participate in this historic event. Your donations are tax deductible, thanks to the sponsorship of One Common Unity (OCU), a Washington, DC based non-profit long known for innovative peace education and arts based community development. To make an online contribution go here. No contribution is too small. Please be sure to reference “Bolivia Conference” when you make your donation. Thank you for your support!!

Please stay tuned to this site as we provide updates and introduce you to our Earth Emissaries creative correspondents. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, so please leave us a comment.

Be Well.

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One Response to “Welcome to the Site!”

  1. Baba Awyso Says:

    We invite you to Bahia after the conference>>>>>We are hoping to bring some of the “Bolivian Conference” creativity and energy to our coast where we are in a similar struggle for the rights of Mother Earth.


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