Even the Rocks Cry Out

China Quake

The world is undergoing momentous changes, earthquakes have become a almost daily occurrence, there are landslides, unprecedented extremes in temperature and more. One thing that is clear in all of this is that the human family must come together to organize ways to support each other in these times of upheaval. People living in potential disaster zones need to be relocated. The poor, living in substandard housing need better homes. Our focus on personal wealth and achievement is of little use in these times which call for unity. This is not to say that achieving high levels of competency and education are not necessary.

On the contrary, we need the best and brightest to work together and engineer ways for people to come together beyond the false barriers of race, language and locality. We rush to aid each other in times of disaster and go back to plotting wars both economic and military when the dust settles. Our common need for health and security demands that we come together to create methods for sustainable living. Hopefully the Cochabamba Conference will provide opportunities for us to share, learn, coordinate and collaborate for a better world. If it is to be it is up to WE!!

(Thanks to all who have contributed to this journey . . .This is for all of us!)


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