Bolivia-The Beginning

I´m a Taurus so of course I love this plane!

It all started with an announcement I heard on Democracy Now. The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, was calling for a People’s Conference on Climate change. Forget all those huge NGO’s and corporate titans pulling the strings of politicians to ensure the agenda of growth. This conference would focus on the Rights of Mother Earth and Indigenous People’s who had throughout history lived in harmony with the planet. Ahh a place where the non-aligned could align, I had to be there. So, I called together Mikuak Rai and Maria Firmino-Castillo, two of my artivist friends and we began to organize Earth Emissaries to be a voice to report back from the conference.

Fast forward one month and many Facebook solicitations later and I left Washington DC on the morning of April 15th, 2010, headed to Cochabamba, Bolivia. (We didn’t raise enough $$ for the 3 of us to travel so I am solo-dolo and will do my best to represent) It is interesting to note that I left on tax day and as a resident of the District of Columbia I was told by the Washington Post that I am taxed the highest in the nation, yet have NO representation in the federal government. Sometimes a plane ticket is the best protest to injustice 🙂


When I landed in Miami I realized I had a long layover, close to 12 hours. So I proceeded to take the tri-rail and metro to pick up a few supplies from Best Buy and then on to Kia’s for dinner. Kia Dickinson is a Vietnamese woman who makes the best food in the America’s. Seriously, she grows all her own herbs and uses her food to heal people. I made my way to her door and proceeded to enjoy a feast. We began with her homemade yogurt, Mr. Yogato has nothing on Lady K, and then moved on to her signature Pineapple Soup, desert was Haagen Daz Ice cream bars. If you’re ever in Miami, give her a call. (send me a message for her number.)

I arrived back at the airport in plenty of time to meet a new friend. Lourdes Vasquez, is a citizen of Bolivia who works in New Jersey, she was going home to visit her husband with ½ of New Jersey in 5 huge bags. I only had 2 carry-ons so I did what a good Samaritan must. Work as a community to beat the system. What a blessing my service turned out to be. Lourdes husband is a taxi driver in Cochabamba!! Free ride to the hotel plus a dinner invite for later in the week=SCORE! After arriving in Cochabamba I checked into the hostel and proceeded to wander the streets. Check my photos—more later. Adios (as I was finishing this Lourdes and her husband dropped by with a huge bottle of water and an invite to go out later . . .life is GRAND!)

Some Can, Some Can´t–Guess Subway has more clout than Starbucks-Santa Cruz, Bolivia airport

So is this why they call it 3rd World?


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