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Gulf Gusher with No End In Sight


“The Curse of Abundance”: Alberto Acosta on the Failure of Extractive Industries and Alternative Models of Development in Ecuador


“The Curse of Abundance”: Alberto Acosta on the Failure of Extractive Industries and Alternative Models of Development in Ecuador.

This perspective, policy and push is just the forward thinking needed.

Optimism + Creativity = Climate Sanity

Can’t see the forest 4 the money


We’re in the age of unforseen consequences–BP’s Gulf well still gushes oil with no end in sight, bailed out bankers still gamble with fancy insurance schemes enriching themselves as the global economy spins down the toilet and now the US decides to experiment with one of our most precious resources, the forest.

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US Dept of Agriculture opens the way for specially genetically modified eucalyptus trees to be planted in 7 states. The test planting of 200,000 trees can potentially endanger thousands of acres of forest with unknown mutations, diseases, etc. Why is this being pushed through without being thoroughly reviewed? Because these companies want access to pulp for paper and fiber for bio-fuels.

“The permit would be issued to ArborGen, a biotechnology company owned by three big forest products companies: International Paper and MeadWestvaco of the United States, and Rubicon of New Zealand.”

Guess the folks at the Dep. of Ag haven’t watched Jurassic Park lately. SMH

A Planet Money Can’t Buy


Green-Wash This

Pres Obama’s declaration that BP will pay for clean-up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico is symbolic of capital’s hubris and naivete based on the idea that cash can solve all problems. The magnitude of the ongoing BP Gulf gusher is beyond a payment plan. The long term degradation of the fisheries, the die off of animal and plant life, effects on the tourist industry along Alabama and Florida’s panhandle will be irreparable. How big a check will BP write? Why is Pres. Obama still wedded to the idea of drilling even in the wake of this cataclysm? Isn’t it time we come clean to the fact that fossil fuels are inherently unclean? How many lives human and otherwise are worth our lust for bigger, better, stronger, faster, newer, next new things?

The western world is always touting our technological advantage our prowess in the realm of thinking and engineering but when it comes to cleaning up after ourselves we’re infantile at best. Taking a shit on the planet with no clean-up plan beyond the cheapest of baby wipes. The best minds at BP never dreamed of a disaster of this magnitude. The machines created by their engineers have failed. Yet we still call ourselves advanced? BP, and the other petro-chemical and mining companies would do well to adopt the “Leave No Trace” motto of hikers, campers and naturalists. If it isn’t already too late.

I hope the new found interest in extra-terrestrial life culminates in true intelligence teaching us how to live in harmony with the planet rather than functioning as parasites who trail waste behind them.

Call In the Experts