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Last Drop of Oil, Last Gasp of Air


Nonstop the gushing
healing so necessary
why waste time on the blame game
One finger at you three back at me,
lets turn these fingers into a helping hand and set the captives free
Mr BP CEO you messed up so how can we come together in full responsibility
cause you’re only sucking the planets blood to feed my insatiability

Last drop of oil, Last gasp of air
not even enough for a prayer
searching for Nemo in BP’s oily inferno
as above so below
there must be a (chakra) leak internal
energy flows with no end in sight
buttons pushed lead to bad nights
youth on the street express love as a fight
we stuff emotions to work in a box
we profess free while holding tight to all we’ve got
as above so below there’s no separation
the Gulf gusher simply models our multinational/internal/external/ desperation

How many species must die so my car can go?
how many wetlands turned to oily wastelands for the sake of convenient transportation?
In a nation built on slavery and genocide who feels a pinch when filling up the ride?
So separate from cause and effect we wonder if we need to slow down after the wreck
Business as usual, profits at all costs
discounting 7 generations or more, smiling on the way to the mega-store
constantly extracting with no way to give back
no intent to return what’s been taken from the ground and burned
no reciprocity to the support of our humanity
lost in the insanity of unlimited growth fueled by vanity
What are we without fresh water, fertile earth & clean air?
If we can’t sustain life here it’s hubris to think we’ll do better elsewhere

there’s no security in oil more disasters than we care to admit
the corporation is the gun, greed the bullet
we the people squeeze the trigger making decisions oblivious of consequences
the dead children of Operation Iraqi Liberation (oil)
afghani-pipeline-istan, Nigerian fields awash with crude hued blood
strange fruits from Alberta tar sands, oil mixed with mud
We have found the enemy and he is me
i must embrace the other, make the criminal my brother
unconditional love like the fully engaged mother
then we transform pain into joy
blame into opportunity
our oily reality into a sun-drenched, wind blown future of sustainability


How Long is Too Long, How Much Too Much?


The BP well flows into the Gulf nearing month 3, how many have stopped to ponder how we can live without pumping oil constantly? Utah’s Great Salt Lake almost becomes another oil-bath, causes unknown, results devastating to the innocent. Nature pays for our addiction and we continue on as though there’s no other way but business as usual.

Bill McKibben laid it out plainly in his newest book Eaarth, ” . . .we’ll need to change to cope with the new Eaarth we’ve created. We’ll need . . .to get smaller and less centralized, to focus on growth but on maintenance, on a controlled decline from the perilous heights we’ve climbed.” pg 204

Oil companies quickly assume full responsibility and say whatever the cost they’ll pay, mostly because the obscene profits they’ve accrued make paying easy as —-pumping more crude. The President postures like a tough guy on tv, while being fully aware of the political expediency of pay to play politics determining energy policy. His hands are tied until we the people apply pressure. The pressure may come in the form of turning off the AC and using fans, switching from the dryer to clothes lines, biking a few days a week to work rather than driving or car pooling. Such small steps when expanded to the community level mean a lot.

As we seize our own power to live on less, the influence wielded by the mega-corporations diminishes and our representatives can get back to the job of representing we the people. A wise man once told me, “Inch by inch anything’s a cinch, by the yard it’s hard.” Let’s make the switch to living in harmony with earth one step at a time.

Oil & Life Don’t Mix


Cry me a river, too bad tears can’t replenish the waters laid waste by our ravenous taste for oil based living. Newsflash!!! The water we have on Earth is the water we will have and as BP’s well continues to pump oil at numbers ranging from 200,000 to 2,000,000 gallons a day, depending on who you trust, the waters we as humans get to use are decreasing. As humans are apt to do, we will find a way to reason our way out of collective responsibility, yet the thousands of species affected by the petrol/chemical soup created by BP and it’s efforts to “clean-up” will suffer cataclysmic consequences.