How Long is Too Long, How Much Too Much?

The BP well flows into the Gulf nearing month 3, how many have stopped to ponder how we can live without pumping oil constantly? Utah’s Great Salt Lake almost becomes another oil-bath, causes unknown, results devastating to the innocent. Nature pays for our addiction and we continue on as though there’s no other way but business as usual.

Bill McKibben laid it out plainly in his newest book Eaarth, ” . . .we’ll need to change to cope with the new Eaarth we’ve created. We’ll need . . .to get smaller and less centralized, to focus on growth but on maintenance, on a controlled decline from the perilous heights we’ve climbed.” pg 204

Oil companies quickly assume full responsibility and say whatever the cost they’ll pay, mostly because the obscene profits they’ve accrued make paying easy as —-pumping more crude. The President postures like a tough guy on tv, while being fully aware of the political expediency of pay to play politics determining energy policy. His hands are tied until we the people apply pressure. The pressure may come in the form of turning off the AC and using fans, switching from the dryer to clothes lines, biking a few days a week to work rather than driving or car pooling. Such small steps when expanded to the community level mean a lot.

As we seize our own power to live on less, the influence wielded by the mega-corporations diminishes and our representatives can get back to the job of representing we the people. A wise man once told me, “Inch by inch anything’s a cinch, by the yard it’s hard.” Let’s make the switch to living in harmony with earth one step at a time.


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