Some Call It Freedom, Afraid to be Free

Burn Baby, Burn!!

Haitians burned Monsanto’s trojan seeds. They know the value of freedom. The US government just allowed Monsanto’s alfalfa and other GMO crops to be planted from sea to shining sea. American politicians know the price of elections and are all too willing to sell out the future for the illusion of power today.

Not only could Genetically Engineered (frankenfoods) contaminate non-GMO (organic) fields, there’s no long term studies on the potential health effects of eating these bio-engineered foods. There’s also proof of Monsanto withholding key studies from its own scientists showing that GMO’s pose potential health hazards.

Our so-called representatives aren’t representing us at all. Politicians are a class in and of themselves focused on gaining wealth, privilege and access to power. So many of us are too busy trying to make the ends of an ever shortening rope meet, while juggling family and friends, who has time to be active. The real question is, who doesn’t have the time?


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