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Some Call It Freedom, Afraid to be Free


Burn Baby, Burn!!

Haitians burned Monsanto’s trojan seeds. They know the value of freedom. The US government just allowed Monsanto’s alfalfa and other GMO crops to be planted from sea to shining sea. American politicians know the price of elections and are all too willing to sell out the future for the illusion of power today.

Not only could Genetically Engineered (frankenfoods) contaminate non-GMO (organic) fields, there’s no long term studies on the potential health effects of eating these bio-engineered foods. There’s also proof of Monsanto withholding key studies from its own scientists showing that GMO’s pose potential health hazards.

Our so-called representatives aren’t representing us at all. Politicians are a class in and of themselves focused on gaining wealth, privilege and access to power. So many of us are too busy trying to make the ends of an ever shortening rope meet, while juggling family and friends, who has time to be active. The real question is, who doesn’t have the time?


Games People Play


In Davos, Switzerland the rulers of this world recently met to forecast changes in world economies, social structures and more. The purpose of their meeting and the scenarios staged in strategy “games”? How to stay on top as the world spirals down.

Playing Chicken with a Billion

Cholera==No Surprise


Haiti is now facing a cholera outbreak, this should come as no surprise when over 1 million people are living in makeshift shelters, little more than tarps, tape and sticks. With poor sanitation and access to clean water limited the factors that can lead to an illness like cholera are set.

Of course our US politicians are too busy campaigning to release the $1.15 billion promised to Haiti. Surely some of that $$ could build some housing or water purification facilities. Why let people die? Maybe because Haiti’s oil reserves are reported to be greater than Venezuela’s? Maybe because Haiti has mineral wealth including, gold, uranium and iridium? Maybe because the takeover of Haiti’s resources would be so much easier without those fiery Haitians in the way. Worse things have happened.

Redundant Redolence of Societal Decay


Another spill how much oil must cover the ground until we realize the time is now? Green technology exists but the corporations are unwilling to stop the drilling cause they’re making a killing. Organizations and people on the sidelines with too few resources, too little time, not enough lawyers, lawsuits and court rooms to mete justice to the machine which continually consumes. Fined a billion here a billion there, what do billions mean to trillionaires?

Species die off from fossil fuel run-off, barely warrants a batted eye or an errant cough, let them eat sludge says the CEO ensuring top stock holders have dividends from which to fund exotic drugs . . .let the planet die, to Mars we’ll fly . . .but before the spacecraft can burst free of the gate the earthquakes swallowing the scheme, it only takes an electro-magnetic pulse from the sun to set us all back to square one . . .you’d think such awareness would be numbing yet our hubris is so numbing, drunk on excess we can not see what planetary pariahs we’re becoming

Video of Oil Spill in China

Oil & Life Don’t Mix


Cry me a river, too bad tears can’t replenish the waters laid waste by our ravenous taste for oil based living. Newsflash!!! The water we have on Earth is the water we will have and as BP’s well continues to pump oil at numbers ranging from 200,000 to 2,000,000 gallons a day, depending on who you trust, the waters we as humans get to use are decreasing. As humans are apt to do, we will find a way to reason our way out of collective responsibility, yet the thousands of species affected by the petrol/chemical soup created by BP and it’s efforts to “clean-up” will suffer cataclysmic consequences.

Gulf Gusher with No End In Sight


Can’t see the forest 4 the money


We’re in the age of unforseen consequences–BP’s Gulf well still gushes oil with no end in sight, bailed out bankers still gamble with fancy insurance schemes enriching themselves as the global economy spins down the toilet and now the US decides to experiment with one of our most precious resources, the forest.

Read Article Here

US Dept of Agriculture opens the way for specially genetically modified eucalyptus trees to be planted in 7 states. The test planting of 200,000 trees can potentially endanger thousands of acres of forest with unknown mutations, diseases, etc. Why is this being pushed through without being thoroughly reviewed? Because these companies want access to pulp for paper and fiber for bio-fuels.

“The permit would be issued to ArborGen, a biotechnology company owned by three big forest products companies: International Paper and MeadWestvaco of the United States, and Rubicon of New Zealand.”

Guess the folks at the Dep. of Ag haven’t watched Jurassic Park lately. SMH

When Disaster Strikes


What Destruction Have We Wrought?

In late March President Obama announced he would expand offshore drilling in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic Coast. After the off shore oil-rig explosion Thursday April 22, 2010 and resulting huge oil spill which is still growing in the Gulf of Mexico, the President’s announcement couldn’t have come at a worse time for proponents of  “Drill, Baby Drill!”. Much as clean coal has been shown to be a fraud by the recent deaths of miners in the US and China, the entire fossil fuel machine is proving to be a major drain on humanity and devastating for Mother Earth.

As oil gushes into the water at a rate of  42,000 gallons per day, the media speaks of a “potential” environmental disaster. (CNN 4-27-10) As if the environment isn’t already being irreparably damaged by the toxins, including diesel fuel, that are concentrating in the water. Once again the “economics and industry first” model places the focus on whether fish and shrimp farms along the Louisiana coast will be impacted. Even if they aren’t, which is highly unlikely, the hundreds of species of plant and animal life is being devastated right now.

Some reporters are quick to point out that this is an anomaly and that the safety standards of the industry have approved dramatically in the last 30 years. Yet, with all of this posturing the new technology has not been able to stop the leak. Methods such as bringing in a drill ship to drill relief wells thus taking pressure off of the gushing well and a dome to capture the oil and suck it into tubes away from the water would take weeks to begin and may not work at all. During this time oil will continue to spill into the Gulf.

This is the same Gulf of Mexico that is home to a Dead Zone of over 7,500 square miles, as a result of chemical runoffs flowing down the Mississippi from heavy industry and agribusiness. The Dead Zone is an area of depleted oxygen levels such that neither plant nor animal life can survive, and now oil is being added to the mix. Wonder why the reporters on CNN and other news outlets aren’t speaking about this?

It’s imperative that we break our addiction to fossil fuels and begin to seriously and earnestly invest in solar, wind and other truly “clean” industries.Maybe we won’t be able to produce enough energy to support our current levels of consumption and maybe that’s not a bad idea.

Simplifying and focusing on what we truly need as individuals, families and communities would do wonders for western society which is quickly driving the world toward a materialist, consumption based culture devoid of spirituality, emotional depth and wisdom. There can be no clearer sign than this spill that we need to wake up and recognize that this planet is a living entity and that we must find a way to be in harmony with her or perish.

As President Jugo Chavez of Venezuela stated in his remarks at the Cochabamba Climate Conference, “the planet will continue to evolve with or without us; we are not here to save the planet, we’re here to save ourselves.” As long as profits are more sacred than life, our future will be one disaster after another until only nature is left to record our demise.

Earth Day Is Every Day!!!


Today is recognized as Earth Day, yet we live on this planet every day. People are celebrating the Earth all over the country and the world. Some are changing light bulbs to more energy efficient compact fluorescents, others are pledging to recycle and be more environmentally aware. Forty years ago, on the first Earth Day, such steps would have been great. But now the planet is in a state of crisis.

Our lack of commitment to the well-being of our home has placed Mother Earth in a state of great peril. Nature works in cycles and we too must begin to think and act in this way. One way of life has to die so another can live.

America and the other Western nations comprise 20% of the world’s population yet contribute 80% of the green house gases and other pollutants that are quickly killing life on the planet. North America itself is the leader in CO2 emissions with 20 tons per capita, then follows, Europe with 10 tons per capita, then China with 4 tons per capita, India with 1.2 tons per capita and Africa with .5 tons per capita. It is obvious that we have a great responsibility for the destruction of the planet and an even greater responsibility to change the way we live and interact with the rest of the planet. The limitless demand for more things at cheaper prices has thrown the entire planetary equilibrium off. Over 100 plant and animal species are being lost each day due to deforestation. Much of the deforestation is to create grazing areas for cattle to supply the growing global demand for beef. Our lifestyles of consumption and waste become the floods, droughts and forest fires in the global south.

Our view of the planet as a resource to be exploited must come to an end. We in the developed world must learn to live simply so that our global family may simply live. We have developed and expanded our economy based on the exploitation of the earth’s resources with no concern for the effects on the environment, indigenous peoples or future generations. We have already passed the turning point according to the world’s leading scientists. The rate at which the Earth is warming is unprecedented. The result of our continuing at the current rate of consumption is the end of life on this planet.

It may not be simple to change our lifestyles, but for the sake of the children, for the sake of all those people whose voices are seldom heard and whose faces are seldom seen, we must.

Here are a few action steps . . .Start where you are, study the issue, communicate with others and let’s work together to make Earthday Everyday!!

  • Buy used cars – there are over 250,000,000 cars in the US, an avg. of 2 per household. If we cut back on new cars and cultivate a culture of ride sharing and repairing instead of replacing-the industries involved in transportation would have to invest in more sustainable production vehicles—High Speed rail and other mass transportation would also become more relevant.
  • Bicycle as must as possible—this will increase health while reducing one’s carbon footprint
  • Plant a garden – food security will be increasingly important as the effects of climate change increase
  • Host a “pot-latch”, a Native America tradition of bringing the community together to give away and trade clothing and other items
  • Get to know your neighbors—when we have vital families and communities the need to consume (go to the mall) as a means of recreation is drastically reduced and our ability to enjoy one another and our environment is increased
  • Take a one week veg-pledge –meat production is the #1 contributor to greenhouse gases and factory farming is completely unsustainable – a vegetarian diet increases health and wellness and helps save the planet
  • Join a climate action organization to stay informed about the reality of global climate change
  • Boycott polluting companies
  • Write government officials at the local, state and national levels and call for climate change policies which address the global inequalities among those nations which pollute and those which suffer the effects of the pollution
  • Spend as much time as possible in nature—The more we and our families are exposed to the environment the more we will do to sustain it

We have an opportunity to take control of our lives and create a planet where we are all in harmony with nature. Let’s embark on this adventure with courage, creativity and love.

Zaccai Free, Cochabamba, Bolivia –World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

People Power


Hands Off Mother Earth

Democracy is a word that is so misused in today’s world. Often it refers to simply electing officials who then disappear into the waiting arms of corporate interests who willingly assuage their greed in return for carte blanche. Even a moderate President like Mr. Obama, has to contend with the avaricious schemes of global industry.

It’s time that we who claim to love democracy actually put it to the test and make it come alive for a world in which corporate interests war against human life in pursuit of the bottom line. (If this sounds radical check how banks are too big too fail yet people are allowed to fail daily, even when they have been proven to be victims of corporate predators.)

The World People’s Conference on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia is a grand experiment in DIRECT Democracy. Seventeen working groups composed of hundreds of participants from all over the world (5 continents), met via internet and then hammered out documents representing the various areas of concern over the last 3 days. These documents will be presented by President Evo Morales at December’s UN climate conference in Cancun, Mexico.

The UN has created a structure where only the governments can be heard, yet it is clear that the governments are willing to compromise the lives of citizens in pursuit of economic, imperialist and other goals. What is war but the decision of nations to sacrifice human lives for an economic and/or idealogical end? Of course the justifications given for war and ignoring global needs in pursuit of national interests are pablum for the false patriot all too willing to accept any excuse to not dig deep, ask questions and think independently.

Lisette Parra, Bolivian Women’s Leader

Here in Bolivia there is much deep thought, conversation and organization happening. I participated in the group focused on “Harmony with Nature.” The group elected co-Presidents Michael Johnson, Board Member of South Bronx Board #1, and Lisette Parra, head of la Confederacion de Mujeres Indiginas Originarias de Bolivia “Bartolina Sisa”. These two highly capable folks steered the discussion. The document was being drafted and amended live. As people spoke on the mic their suggestions were placed into the document. The resulting statements were read several times until today’s 12 Point document was agreed upon by consensus.

Michael Johnson, Member South Bronx Borad #1

Of course everyone was not completely happy yet everyone felt as though they were heard. What if more of our national decisions were made by referendum? What if citizens were truly educated and engaged in the decisions being considered by the government? Such a direct approach is what democracy actually looks like and it would do wonders to revive our decaying system so prone to corruption, manipulation and systemic abuse.