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Rally to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline


Rally at Canadian Embassy, Wash. DC

As the US east coast bakes in triple digit temperatures Friends of the Earth, Corporate Ethics International, Friends of the Earth, Indigenous Environmental Network, National Wildlife Federation, Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club joined together to protest the Keystone XL pipeline. Yes another sexy name applied to a project which has the potential of furthering the devastation of land, wildlife and other natural resources such as clean water.

The Keystone XL is proposed to take oil from the Alberta, Canada tar sands down through the central US to the Gulf of Mexico, a distance of over 1,900 miles. States to be crossed by the pipeline include Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Of course the multi-billion dollar oil industry is trying to save a few bucks by getting Congress to allow the use of pipe which contains less steel in certain areas. Seems like we heard this same tune when it came to BP’s blow-out prevention technology in the Gulf. Our addiction to oil, as admitted by GW Bush, is obviously clouding the minds of politicians.

This is why we the people must cry loud and spare not. If our elected representatives continue to forget who they are paid to represent we must speak up for ourselves, organize and change the direction this nation is headed in. Events like today’s rally are keys towards realizing a sustainable future guided by engaged citizens.